Restaurant registration at Essly

Restaurant registration at Essly

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Why add your own restaurant?

Get more orders

Get more orders

Receive more orders by adding an additional sales channel for your products and services.
Gain new customers

Gain new customers

Give new customers the opportunity to discover you and become your future regular customer.
Approach them at no cost and without risk.
Save time and money

Save time and money

Online orders are on average 28% higher in turnover than telephone orders.
Save time on the phone and accept orders even when you are closed.

You do not risk anything and you will not pay anything if you do not accept orders

Frequently Asked Questions about registering a restaurant

There is no fixed charge and no installation costs. The only charge you have is the commission on the orders.
There is no time commitment. You can stop our cooperation at any time you want.
All you need is a computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone with internet access.
You will need to have your price list and contact details for your store. Optionally you will need some photos of your dishes and your logo.
If you want your customers to pay online you will need to create a PAYPAL account.
Once you have all the material ready, you can either enter all the data yourself in the management area that we will give you or give us your material so that we can enter your data.
The process once you have gathered all your material usually takes one business day.
Unlike all other food ordering websites and APPs, in our case the money from the online payment of orders is credited directly to your PAYPAL account without even our mediation.
You will be issued an invoice each month with the amount of your commission. It will be sent to you electronically by email and you will have 14 days to pay for it.
No. The order delivery service is organized by each restaurant on its own.
Unlike other websites and apps you may already be listed on, when you place an order through ESSLY, you receive your money directly. Our services only charge a small commission at the end of the month, which you have 14 days to pay. Your restaurant, your money.