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Unlike other websites and applications where you may have already ordered, with you order through us but pay directly at the restaurant.
This has the advantage that the restaurant does not necessarily have to constantly adjust prices upwards depending on the cost of the service. Buy at Olching and pay at Olching ?
  1. Enter your address and press the "show restaurant" button
  2. Select a restaurant from the list of featured restaurants
  3. Choose whether you want to use the delivery service or pick it up yourself
  4. Select the dishes-drinks of your choice from the menu that appears
  5. Press the pay button
  6. Fill in your details
  7. Select the time you want to pick up your order
  8. Choose your payment method and make your payment if it is online
  9. Wait for your order to be approved (we have sent you an email with a copy of your order in between)
  10. Enjoy your meal
NO. The use of our website is done completely without registration!
You have the ability to memorize your data, so as not to require their entry in case of future orders using cookies.
You will accept this question when entering your details on payment completion.
Each restaurant may accept or have the following payment methods disabled: Cash payment, Paypal account, Credit card debit, Sofortüberweisung, Sepa and Giropay.
Refer to the information of each restaurant to see the payment methods of that particular restaurant.
In case of online payment, transactions are made via Paypal and the money is credited directly to the restaurant account.
In case of cancellation of an order that has been paid online, the restaurant is responsible for your refund.
All online payments are either by credit card charge e.g. or with Paypal account debit are executed through the most popular online trading platform in the world, Paypal.
Our website operates ONLY with https ? ( SSL Protection ) which means that the communication between our page and Paypal is encrypted and secure.
The answer to the question is that online payments on our website are completely secure.
Restaurants will be notified of a new order no later than 1 minute after the completion of your order.
If the restaurant is open, a reasonable response time is 3-5 minutes at most.
However, this may not apply in cases of very heavy load or other unforeseen situations.
In any case the restaurant is responsible for the timely or non-timely confirmation of each order
NO. Each restaurant has its own food delivery policy.
You can filter the list of restaurants in your area to show only those that deliver food.
Our website does not have its own transfer service. On other food ordering platforms, the untimely delivery of food due to the service of the platform, results in poor customer service which ultimately burdens the restaurant without it having a share of responsibility.
Our website does not have its own rating and review system. To ensure the reliability of the restaurant rating we use the most common system that is that of Google.
The ratings (stars 1-5) and the number of reviews are automatically received by Google every 14 days.
On each restaurant page, in addition to each restaurant rating, there is a link to Google to read or write your own review.
YES. You can place an order up to 7 days before the desired day and time of delivery.